Business Change Delivery Manager

Band C


Salary Range: £30,845 - £38,373

Band C staff will need to display a commitment to four key principles: Continuous change, continuous improvement (CI) principles, managing uncertainty and improving performance. All those appointed to new roles in HMCTS must be wholeheartedly committed to these principles and evidence this in their application.  Vacancies within the Business Change team offer a great chance to be at the forefront of leading and implementing significant change projects across the organisation.  The Programmes are ambitious and innovative and will need a flexible workforce to deliver. Strong leadership is a critical element in the success of the initiatives; those leading the change must provide clear focus and direction, visibly championing the changes which deliver greater efficiencies and a cost-effective organisation. All managers in the team are expected to demonstrate principles of continuous change, managing uncertainty and delivering results, and this must evidenced in their application.



HMCTS is embarking on a period of significant change. Strong leadership is a critical element in this being successful. As a manager within HMCTS the jobholder must provide clear direction and focus, visibly championing the changes which deliver greater efficiencies. The Regional Delivery Directors expect all managers in the clusters to operate in a culture of openness and honesty, demonstrating a commitment to change through involvement and empowerment, and by delivering results. More information on Advert.