Communications Officer (Strategy and Planning)

Band D


Salary Range: £25,893 - £29,729

We have structured the HM Courts & Tribunals Service Communications Team to ensure it has the capability to support the demands of a large and complex organisation that is undergoing major change.

We are professional communications leaders: defining the organisation’s communications strategy; working with communications partners in the MoJ and Judicial Office; delivering operational communications activities; and enabling others to deliver and improve their own communications.

The team is designed around five core functions:

1. Internal communications

2. External communications

3. Strategic communications planning, insight and evaluation

4. Content and campaigns

5. Communications channels

We provide an integrated communications service – recognising internal and external communications requirements – that supports and enables the organisation’s objectives. We listen to the wants and needs of the organisation, our internal clients, as well as those of our stakeholders to ensure that we are effective in communicating.

Underpinning this, we ensure that our systems and processes are fit for purpose, meaning that we can be efficient, consistent and responsive in all that we do. We increasingly use digital communications channels, using audience insight and evaluation to ensure that we have the right channels in place to reach our key stakeholders.

Working with others, the team owns the HMCTS corporate narrative. These are the key messages that we use to tell our story, to establish and promote our identity and vision, and to demonstrate what HMCTS does and seeks to do.