HM Courts & Tribunals Service - Equality & diversity

Equality & diversity

If we want to create better justice for everyone, we need a diverse workforce that better represents the people we serve. Diversity makes our decision-making stronger and brings a range of perspectives. It’s why we have a strategy to promote equality, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing.

“I’m proud of HMCTS’ diversity and inclusiveness, and I know that many people have already done a great deal to support and champion it. Setting out a clear, powerful new strategy designed to lead to real action and make a real difference is a great opportunity. People have my backing and encouragement to think radically and to be bold in putting diversity and inclusion even more firmly at the heart of who we are and how we work.”

HM CTS Susan Acland Hood

Susan Acland-Hood, HMCTS Chief Executive Officer and Ministry of Justice diversity champion.

We encourage our leaders to make the best of the talented people we have at HMCTS, regardless of background or characteristics. And as a service provider, it’s important for us to consider the diverse group of people who use the justice system. So, even though we’re currently one of the most female-friendly employers in Whitehall, we’re looking to reflect our diverse society even more as we transform our service.

Our equality, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing strategy is in place to ensure that HMCTS:

  • provide fair and accessible services with equal access for all users
  • are an inclusive organisation to staff and customers, where everyone is treated fairly and with respect, regardless of background
  • are a diverse workforce, reflecting society at all levels
  • prioritise wellbeing, with a culture that promotes good mental, physical and emotional health for all colleagues.

There are a number of diversity networks across HMCTS, the Ministry of Justice and the wider Civil Service, each providing access to a rich community of professionals, including the disability network, the gender equality forum, SPIRIT (LGBT+) and many more.